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Our reservation confirmation package has check lists and numerous suggestions for your Lake Tahoe vacation covering all of the following items.  It will be emailed to you immediately after booking with us.

Lake Tahoe Visitors Check List:

  • Accommodation Tahoe security deposit and final payment information on your Lake Tahoe vacation rental
  • Two maps of Lake Tahoe and driving directions from major cities
  • Accommodation Lake Tahoe check-in and arrival information with lock code entry procedures
  • Lake Tahoe Accommodation local telephone number(s) for your condo(s) (so that your office can reach you of course!)
  • Accommodation Lake Tahoe procedures for guest facilities in Lake Village (tennis, pool, barbecues, parking, etc.),
  • A map of Lake Village in South Lake Tahoe showing where your vacation rental is located
  • Accommodation Tahoe parking map showing your assigned parking spaces
  • General recommendations about Lake Tahoe Vacations
  • Accommodation Lake Tahoe skier's guide
  • Trail maps for major ski resorts if your group is skiing (snail mail copy only)
  • Accommodation Tahoe golfers' guide
  • Accommodation Tahoe’s very own car rental information
  • Lake Tahoe Casino information
  • Accommodation Lake Tahoe dining tips, and
  • Information on cycling, hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, water sports, marinas, beaches and more! 
  • What to pack for your Lake Tahoe Vacation:

    Lake Tahoe enjoys strong contrasts between winter and summer. The area receives 25 feet (7 meters) of snow on average each winter but the summers are dry.  While winter temperatures drop to -20F (25C) on rare occasions, a typical winter day is sunny with the temperature hovering near the freezing point. But when snow comes down, it can accumulate quickly!  In recent years, we have seen nine feet (3 m) fall in twenty-four hours (Christmas '96) and sixteen feet in one week!  Lake Tahoe is a skier's dream!  Lake Tahoe snow is moist, packs well for skiers, and is affectionately known as "Sierra Cement"! With this good snow pack, the ski season sometimes extends into July!  Ever wonder where they took those pictures of skiers in bikinis?  Come and see for yourself.

    By spring, the day temperature is 50 to 60F (10 to 15C). Late spring, summer, and fall offer warm, dry weather with typical day temperatures around 80F (27C). Night temperatures usually drop into the fifties. Combined with very low humidity, its a golfer's dream! Air conditioning isn't needed at Tahoe with the very dry air and cool evenings.

    Winter or summer, 80% of the days at Tahoe offer brilliant sunshine. With high altitude and low humidity, the warm seasons at Tahoe are refreshingly comfortable.  It's a perfect place to tan!  Lake Tahoe seldom experiences the extreme heat and humidity of typical "sun" resorts.

    Bottom line - be prepared. Dress seasonally in layers for comfort and safety

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